“Avoid the crowd. Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece.” – Ralph Charell

​We make learning chess fun!

Our fantastic team of coaches have developed chess techniques over the years where kids make remarkable progress while retaining their interest in the game.

We start at the age of 4 (kids these days are capable of checkmating at 4!), where we teach the moves of pieces and looking at the complete board. For intermediates there are tactics and puzzle solving exercises designed to ones needs. We provide study material to all our students and encourage them to participate in tournaments. For our advance players our focus is on combinative skills and technical endgames.

Please write to us for private, group or web lessons and we will help you excel in the amazing world of Chess!

Meet the Team



Anuradha Beniwal (Anu), former Junior India Champion and a travel writer. Her love for Chess and Children shows in her lessons!


Chess Coach

Tereza Pribanova, a former professional athlete and a chess lover teaches beginners Chess with a lot of love!

Pontous Carlsson

Grand Master

A legendary figure in the world of Chess guides our team and students.

Next Steps…

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